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Lucky you! You have been invited to your loved one’s wedding ceremony and reception. But what are the essentials you need? Beside the gift, confetti and cash for the bar, what are the all-day wedding must-haves?

10 Must-haves for wedding guests

Here’s 10 handy things you ought to bring – trust us, you’ll thank us for this!

1. SPF
If the bride and groom are lucky enough to have the sun shine on their wedding day, then you want to be able to make the most of it. Pack a small spray bottle of SPF lotion so you can spritz with ease when you start to feel the burn. You can then enjoy your welcome glass of Pimm’s or Prosecco in peace. Besides, no one wants to look like a lobster in the wedding snaps.

2. Plasters
You’ll be wearing those shoes for at least 10 hours on the day of your friend’s wedding, and with all that standing around and dancing you may get the odd blister or two. Combat this stinging annoyance with some blister plasters. If you’re prone to aching feet on nights out then be sure to pack some gel shoe cushions too. Plasters in general are handy to have, especially if you’ve got children you’re bringing to the wedding.

3. Snacks

We’re not talking family-size bags of crisps or fruit salads here, but subtle snacks may just end up being a lifesaver on the big day. Often there’s a big gap between your breakfast and the wedding breakfast, which can be as late as three or four o’clock in the afternoon. Avoid that lightheaded or irritable hungry feeling by carrying small cereal bars, little boxes of raisins or packets of oatcakes in your bag for munchy emergencies. Don’t forget a small bottle of water too.

4. Flip flops
If plasters won’t do the trick, then have a back-up plan with a trusty pair of flip flops. Slip these on later into the wedding reception so you can dance the night away painlessly. You might not win any awards for your fashion choices, but wouldn’t the happy couple rather you were up dancing than sat watching from the sidelines? Just pick a pair that match your outfit and avoid typical beach styles.

5. Deodorant

It’s a fact of life that we perspire, and with weddings being such a long day it’s inevitable you’ll feel less than fresh at some stage. You can buy miniature bottles of spray-on deodorant or body sprays which will fit neatly inside your clutch bag or your date’s blazer pocket. A quick trip to the ladies’ and you’ll feel as fresh as a daisy and ready for the rest of the wedding.

6. Entertainment
Children or no children, having something to keep you entertained during the wedding day lulls is priceless. Mini colouring books and pencils, a yoyo, or small puzzles are ideal for fidgety little ones, while a pack of cards, crossword puzzle or Sudoku will keep adults content while there’s a wait for the bride to arrive.

7. Blotting paper

Crowded rooms, alcohol and dancing can all leave you a little hot and bothered. Keep your make-up in tip top condition by having some blotting paper to hand. You can absorb any shine from your forehead and nose to eliminate the chances of any glow-tastic wedding photos.

8. Safety pins
You’d become the bride’s best friend (if you aren’t already that is!) if you were able to rescue her from a dress-related dilemma on her wedding day. Safety pins are always handy to have, especially on a wedding day when everyone has gone to so much effort to look their best. Fix a dropping hemline or resolve a broken dress strap in seconds. There are several red carpet stories of A-list stars doing just that, so if it’s good enough for them …

9. Blanket
Will there be a firework display at the end of the wedding? Do you have a long drive home or to the nearest hotel? After all that drinking and dancing you may being feel hot, hot, hot, but the nighttime air could leave you feeling chilly – especially as all you’re most likely to be wearing is a not-so-cosy dress or suit. Stash a blanket in your car or in the cloakroom to avoid that chill.

10. Spare camera
It’s possibly the worst feeling being in a special place or on a special day where all you want to do is record the happy moments and thrilling sites, to find out that your camera has broken or you have run out of batteries. Avoid this disappointment by buying a disposable camera that can slip into your bag, just as a backup. Or if you’re lucky enough to have a decent camera phone, be sure to charge this up the night before.

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