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Wedding dress? Check. Wedding rings? Check, check. There are certain things that a wedding just wouldn’t be the same without, such as the all-important veil, the ‘something blue’ and the bride’s garter. But there are some unexpected items that can make the world of difference. To ensure your wedding day runs smoothly, make sure you have these top ten items to hand.

1. Waterproof mascara
Even if you’re not a blubbering bride at the altar when exchanging vows, waterproof mascara will come into its own when the wedding reception comes around – champagne and loved ones often ends in tears; either as a result of hysterical laughter or ‘I love you sooo much’ drunken sobbing. No bride should be seen sporting panda eyes or the dishevelled drifter look on their wedding day, so water and smudge-proof mascara is a must.

2. Flat shoes
Yes, we’re sure they did cost you an arm and a leg and that you’ve always dreamed of owning a pair of heels like these, but when it comes to boogying the night away on the dance floor post-nuptials, you’ll be in need of foot attire that’s a little more comfy. You want to bust your best moves, right? Skyscraper heels, as gorgeous as they look, will hinder you and maybe even hurt you as soon as you break into a leg pop. Invest in some pretty ivory-coloured flat sandals with embellishment, or how about foldable ballet pumps that can easily slot into a bridesmaid’s purse?

3. Mini deodorant
Meeting and greeting, being the centre of attention and exchanging such crucial vows – wedding days come with a lot of pressure and with pressure often comes sweat! (Sorry, but it’s true). Avoid any sweat patches or far-from-fragrant scents emerging by keeping a small deodorant to hand. Some brides arrange for a selection of cosmetics and toiletries to be kept in the ladies’ bathroom for bridesmaids and guests to dip into, so deodorant could always be part and parcel of these items.

4. Band aids
If you don’t invest in some appropriate flats to match your wedding dress, a staple component to your must-have wedding day kit should be band aids. Blisters where your to-die-for heels have rubbed your danced-out feet are about as welcome as a crying child during your wedding vows, so be equipped with band aids or blister cushions to allow you to dance through the night. For brides wearing a corseted wedding dress, band aids may also come in handy for any rubbing around the bust or hips too – genius!

5. Mini sewing kit
For any wedding dress emergencies such as slack seams, loose beads or fraying hems, a mini sewing kit could just save the day. Some are as small as a credit card so your groom could take care of it in his blazer pocket. Even if you’re not a dab hand at sewing, there’s sure to be a wedding guest who can whip your buttons back into shape or fix a falling hemline. Failing that, as long as you have a safety pin you’ll be fine and dandy.

6. Special helper
Every bride needs that one special someone on her wedding day. No, we’re not talking about the groom; we’re talking about the bride’s special helper. That bridesmaid, friend or relative who’s there to straighten your train and veil; to be your make-up spotter (“oh you just need a touch up here, honey”); and that person who can hold your dress up when you go to the bathroom is essential.

7. Compact mirror
No girl’s emergency kit is complete without a compact mirror. There to reveal any spinach-in-teeth dramas, to correct smudged make-up or spot dishevelled hair, this is a must-have tool for your wedding day kit. One that combines a hair brush is a double hit – they are foldable and will fit in even the smallest of clutch bags.

8. Camera
Don’t just rely on your photographer and other wedding guests to capture your big day on camera – make sure you make some memories of your own. Having your camera phone, small digital or disposable camera to hand will enable you to snap some really personal and off the cuff photographs throughout the day – from spontaneous ‘getting ready’ snaps while still in your nightwear, heartfelt photos in the car with your dad on the way to the ceremony and hilarious dancing pictures later on when the tunes are pumping.

9. Blotting paper
Similar to the deodorant, blotting paper will come in handy when you’re faced (get it?) with an oily complexion as a result of the nerves or extra make-up you’re wearing. This absorbent cosmetic paper will help remove any unwanted shiny patches on your nose, forehead and chin so that you can pose confidently for every photograph, and look glowing, not greasy. Say cheese!

10. Wipes
Wet wipes or baby wipes are handy at the best of times, but on your wedding day they can really help to get you out of some sticky situations (the puns just keep coming!) From excitable flower girls who have gone overboard on the chocolate fountain, then decide to give you a hug, to drunken spills of champagne on your shoes – wet wipes can save the day! And if you forget your waterproof mascara, they’ll resolve any make-up dilemmas too.

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