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It's hard to not know someone who doesn't sport a Daniel Wellington watch on their wrist and for good reasons. None of them are above $450 and they come with a variety of straps both flashy and minimalist. They are also one of the most democratic watch models available, which is to say that they'll look good on anyone regardless of age or gender.

And just in time for the festive season, the Swedish watch brand has three new models - one for your best gal pal, one for your colleague with great taste and lastly, the important man in your life. Pictured above on Kendall Jenner is the Classic Petite Ashfield ($249) which comes with a 32 or 28mm dial. A rose gold or silver case keeps it sleek and delicate whilst a black mesh strap allows your wrist to breathe (goodbye strap stink).

Just because it's pictured on a man (and that's no ordinary man, it's Lucky Blue Smith) doesn't mean it doesn't fit the ladies. A 36mm or 40mm dial on the Classic Cornwall ($229 for the former and $279 for the latter) means it's great for ladies who want a more masculine fit whilst the silver case and all-black strap means it looks good dressed up or down.

The Classic Petite Ashfield ($249) is as dainty as it gets - and that's a 28mm dial which will sit pretty on your wrist. On a case of rose gold, the black dial is feminine but edgy, while on a case of silver, it instantly becomes sleek. 

For more go to www.danielwellington.com or any official Daniel Wellington stores at Raffles City, Suntec City, VivoCity, Tampines One, Westgate, TANGS at Tangs Plaza, and TANGS at VivoCity.