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Exude royal class and style with these Kate Middleton inspired pearl earrings

At the recent christening of her son Prince Louis, Kate Middleton made news with her statement pearl earrings. While we all can’t splurge on such high-end jewellery, here are some inspired pieces that will definitely help us channel royal vibes


With the joyous occasion of his christening, you would expect all eyes to be on the three-month-old Prince Louis, third and youngest child of Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton, who is fifth in line to succeed the British throne.  



Yet, our eyes were also enraptured by the stunning earrings that his mother, the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, wore for the christening. The earrings matched perfectly with an understated cream Alexander McQueen dress and a Jane Taylor hat, creating an ensemble that exuded class and style befitting of the royal duchess.



With a hefty price tag of £4,360 (about S$7,805), the earrings are expensive as they look. Made by British luxury jeweller Cassandra Goad, each earring is made with seven pearls set with 0.3 carat diamonds and 18 carat yellow gold. The inspiration of this phenomenal earrings comes from the most unlikely place - clusters of young flower stalks of the cauliflower in the market.


cassandra goad cauliflower earring

Photo: Cassandra Goad

To emulate the royal style of Kate Middleton, one does not necessarily need to spend so much money. We found six pearl earrings that will also give you that air of sophistication to make you look regal and stately.