We see watches and accessories akin to perfume - they're very very personal which is to say that what might work for someone might not work for you. And if you're a woman who doesn't hanker for something that's feminine, twee or cute, you'd be into Zurich watch and accessory SevenFriday. Launched in 2012, the brand is best known for their futuristic and industrial designs with bracelets resembling electrical coils or watches that look like that literally came from the future. 

Pictured above are the Piston and Plumber bracelets - the Piston resembling plumbing parts and the Plumber resembling well, plumbing parts with hexagonal closures. And like all hardware we use in our daily lives, they're made from stainless steel (goodbye tarnishing) and in handsome dark leather. 

The Piston and Plumber bracelets are priced from $179-$199. 



If you've ever been on an epic road trip, you'd recognize the hardware used for the Jumper JMP1/01 bracelets - a reinterpretation of electric cables used in trailers paired with stainless steel alligator clips. It comes in three sizes (S, M and L) and can be coiled around your hand three times. How do you pair it? Well, we think it looks lovely next to daintier jewellery - be that girl who can do both. Priced at $189. 



If you somehow managed to teleport to the future, met a family ala The Jetsons and requested for a watch, you'd get the M3/01 watch. Seven layers of black, grey and gun metal coloured discs form its body with an interesting and almost futuristic looking watch face (you have to read the time from left to right). And we haven't even gotten to its specs - it has a 40 hour power preserve, is resistant up to 3M and, has an anti-reflective mineral glass that's smash-resistant. Fyi, it's for the women who likes it big - the watch face measures 4.7cm by 4.76cm. Priced at $1,690. 

Shop SevenFriday today at Raffles City #02-08B, 252 North Bridge Road.