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Bering's latest watches aren't just for the boys - girls look great in them too

Here's an option for ladies who appreciate big watches that are affordable and dressy enough for everyday wear

Pictured above: In classic black, the 14240 ($329 with a 40mm face) has a rose gold dial that whereas seems feminine, is toughened up by a black fabric strap that doesn't feel heavy on your wrist. 

The concept of borrowing from the boys isn't new - an oversized sweater, a dress shirt or if you're feeling adventurous, perfume.

But when it comes to the arena of the latest men's timepieces, it's not just a matter of convenience. We don't love a big watch because of just its size or simplicity (you'd be pressed to find one that's overtly ornate) - we love it because there's something about a ladylike outfit with a bit of an edge and if we're being honest, it's #nextlevel commitment if your boyfriend allows him to borrow your watch.

For the woman who appreciates a big watch that's affordable, substantial and dressy enough for daily wear, it's time to look towards Bering.

Founded in 2008 by Rene Kaerskov after jumping out of a helicopter in the Arctic, we're going to spare you the lengthy story. The Belgian brand's watches is something that you should put on your list, that's if the man in your life hasn't purchased it yet and to which we say, all's fair in love and wear. 

Pictured above: The 11741 ($319 with a 41mm face) comes with a stylish sapphire blue face and a darker coloured strap. If you need style inspiration, the picture already has it for you - it looks good on a crisp white shirt as it will with everything you already own.

Bering's latest collection of men's watches already encompasses everything you might know or love about the brand - they're still engineered to be hardy with a stainless steel face (if you bump it on a table, all good. If you drop it from three storeys-high, not so good), encompass Miyota quartz movement (a Japanese automatic movement  that ensures super accuracy) and water protection of up to three metres (our tropical rain fall is good but not splashing around in a pool).

But what do these three watches differ from its previous offerings? Larger faces (39, 40 and 41mm) which contrast with the previous ones available (36mm) - if you're worried about the size, we recommend wearing one as a way to stop looser bangles from sliding off. 

Pictured above: The 11539 ($319 with a 39mm face) is an example of how you should do a flashy but not a so-flashy-look-at-me-now watch. A stainless steel face and link looks as expensive as the bigger boys but the price point? Hard-to-beat.

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