With the new quarantine measures in place all over the world, it has made it hard for many of us to visit family (especially if they live in another country). So we got Korean-Australian television host Yvette King to jump on a Zoom conference call with her mother for Mother’s Day.

Originally from Sydney, the 36-year-old has made Singapore her home for the past eight years. But her mother, Rahn Rossiter, still lives in Sydney.

“Before the pandemic struck, my mum and I would visit each other three to four times a year,” she tells Her World.

The TV host reveals that her mum has been an integral part of her life since her childhood. “We have more of a friendship now but as a child, she was always there for me,” she says.

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Needless to say, when King gave birth to twin daughters in 2019, her mother flew to Singapore to help her adapt to motherhood for four months. To that, King says, “My respect for her has gone through the roof, being a mother is tough. Sorry for those teenage years mum!”

These days, with the Circuit Breaker measures in place, King has swopped out her monthly visits for weekly Zoom calls with her mother.

In the video, watch the lively pair engage in cheery banter as Rossiter reveals that King always had a stubborn streak as a child. Laughing it off, King admits that her baby girls take after her and tries to get them both on camera for their halmoni (Korean for grandmother).

As they chat about the past and exchange blow-kisses, the three-generation Zoom call serves as a heartwarming reminder that a mother’s love remains strong in a time of uncertainty.

So here’s wishing all the mothers out there a Happy Mother’s Day.