On Dec 8, Her World Editor Ng Yi Lian had a #HerWorldWithYou IG live chat with Onn Shu An to find out more about her growing up years. Here are four things the 34-year-old actress and host shared about her life in primary and secondary school:

1. Her most disliked subject was chemistry

“I really did not like chemistry. It’s a nightmare. As someone else said, it’s a combination of things. You need to memorise and you need to figure out all the equations.”

2. She was a “super loner”

“I’d go down to get my food and eat it in the classroom on my own. I also don’t know do what lah, but I’d just eat.”

3. She had several extracurricular activities

“In primary school, I was in choir. And in secondary school, I was in drama. I was also in the Girls’ Bridgade. It was so much fun. I love drills and marching.”

4. She was around 10 years old when she had her first crush

“I was around 10 or 11 and there was this boy in my church that I thought was super cute. I think he knew I had a crush on him. I’m very bad at hiding stuff!”

Watch the video to find out more random bits of trivia about her. And if you haven’t already, get your hands on our December 2020 print issue (she’s one of three cover stars!) to read all about she overcame her struggle with depression.