On Dec 1, Her World Editor Ng Yi Lian had a #HerWorldWithYou IG live chat with Jeanette Aw to find out more about what the actress was like during her primary and secondary school years. Here are four things the 41-year-old star shared about herself as a student:

1. She was a gymnast and a librarian in primary school

“I enjoyed being a librarian because I liked reading. I also liked it because the library was a quiet place.”

2. She had several extracurricular activities in secondary school

“I joined the symphony band, then the guitar club, then a harmonica group, then the interact club. And I was doing ballet outside!”

3. She had her first “crush” in junior college

“I think it was in college–when a bunch of us girls would say, ‘Oh, this guy is quite handsome. He’s quite cute.’ But I wouldn’t say it was a crush-crush, as if I really liked the guy.”

4. She considers herself to have been a good student

“I always did my homework properly. Also, my teachers would say things like, ‘Oh, Jeanette has good writing, maybe you all should learn from her!'”

Watch the video to find out more random bits of trivia about her. And if you haven’t already, get your hands on our December 2020 print issue (she’s one of three cover stars!) to read all about how she became the multi-hyphenate she is today.