Ever wondered about making a career switch, or starting a side hustle that you are passionate about but have no professional training in?

In the second episode of Her World Pow Wow, a women-empowering podcast series, Editor Ng Yi Lian and #HerWorldTribe member/host Charmaine Yee spoke to Dr Jade Kua about why and how she made the decision to start her life coaching practice Jade Life and Wellness, on top of juggling her day job as a senior consultant at an emergency department of a public hospital in Singapore, a mum and a mentor to many.

Tip: Refer to these timestamps for highlights of the podcast.

3:34: How Dr Jade Kua defines a Pow Wow Woman* (In Her World’s definition, a Pow Wow Woman refers to a powerful woman who is wow in her life)
6:08: Dr Jade Kua on Good Night Marion, a book she wrote and produced in collaboration with her daughters
13:33: Dr Jade Kua on why she decided to become a life coach
15:12: Dr Jade Kua on her fears and challenges in starting her life coach business
18:34: Dr Jade Kua on how to move forward and stop thinking about the what-ifs
20:52: Dr Jade Kua on the importance of having a pow wow with the people around you, before making a big decision
21:52: Dr Jade Kua on what she was most scared about when making her decision
25:15: Dr Jade Kua on her plans for 2021
28:00: Dr Jade Kua shares a powerful quote that inspires her

Her World Pow Wow is a women-empowering podcast series in which Editor Ng Yi Lian and #HerWorldTribe member/host Charmaine Yee dive deep into heart-to-heart conversations with trailblazing women to learn about their struggles and wins and how they navigate through them all.

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