On Dec 15, Her World Editor Ng Yi Lian had a #HerWorldWithYou IG live chat with Rebecca Lim to find out more about how she was like as a teenager. Here are four things the 34-year-old celebrity shared about herself.

1. She played the saxophone in secondary school

“When I was in primary school, I was in choir and badminton. In secondary school, I was in symphonic band—I played the saxophone. And in JC, I was in hockey, so at every stage I wanted to try different things.”

2. She “wasn’t a very good student”

“I pity my mum. I was a very bad daughter but I’m making up for it now! My brother was a star student and so was my sister—they were both head prefects and in the committee. I was always trying to get by and the discipline mistress would call my mum.”

3. She was an “ice princess” in school

“I really did not smile much.”

4. Her favourite subjects were physics and design and technology

“They were more ‘boyish’ subjects and I enjoyed them so much. I also did really well in them. I would go to the lab to build my own bookstands.”

Watch the video to find out more random bits of trivia about her. And if you haven’t already, get your hands on our December 2020 print issue (she’s one of three cover stars!) to read all about why she prioritises work over relationships.