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Getting (and staying) fit should be one of our biggest priorities in life. Unfortunately, not all of us make it so. So why not choose 2018 as the year you finally do it and start by setting the fitness goals you hope to achieve. Here are seven things to aim for.


1. Run a race

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Sign up for a marathon or a fun run, then train for it so you’ll be able to do well.

Some people need a deadline to push themselves so if you’re that type of person, this will work best for you. Of course, you don’t have to just limit yourself to one race, aim for however many you want and you might even find yourself constantly training for something throughout the year (that’s not a bad thing).

If you’re not very fit at the moment, don’t fret; get a few friends together and organise your own ‘race’ at a public track or park, then train for it together.


2. Make getting fit a part of your routine

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Getting fit shouldn’t just stop with a goal to reach a specific body weight or fat percentage, it should be a regular part of your daily life.

Have a long-term approach to fitness and make it a part of your routine so that you’ll see better results and also be more motivated. Sign up for classes so that you’ll have to attend them often (don’t pay for them and never show up so your money is wasted) and, chances are, once you go for a few of them and actually enjoy them, you’ll be more than happy to keep going and schedule your social life around them.

If you need more motivation, find someone to work out with so that you will both spur each other on.




3. Pick up a new skill

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Whether it’s yoga, zumba or just finally learning how to do proper sit-ups, find a new fitness skill to master in 2018. Think about what you’ve always wanted to achieve fitness-wise and it could even be something as simple as finally learning how to swim or ride a bike.

Upgrading yourself is always encouraged so why not do so in your fitness routine too?


4. Start a fitness diary

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Write down your goals and accomplishments so that you’ll have proof of what your aims are and how far you’ve come (or not).

You can even do it old-school style and have a physical calendar where you mark off the days that you’ve worked out and circle important dates when you’re aiming for any particular milestones. Look back at your progress every few weeks perhaps to see what you need to tweak in your fitness regime.

You might even laugh at how you used to feel breathless after walking up just three flights of stairs and now you’ve just completed a marathon.




5. Don’t be sedentary

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Our sedentary lifestyle has been blamed for a lot of our health and fitness problems so don’t be just a statistic but instead aim to change the way you live. We don’t mean you should quit your office job and become a fitness instructor; just move around a lot more and you’ll soon be able to see (and feel) the difference.

So walk around the office more, take the stairs instead of the lift and get off the bus one or two stops before you’re meant to and walk the rest of the way. Even when you’re watching TV at home, use the commercial breaks to throw in a quick workout, such as 10 sit-ups or 20 jumping jacks.

Every little bit counts so be open to making small changes in your life to meet your overall fitness goals.


6. Make fitness fun


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There are many fitness venues in Singapore that offer different and exciting classes so try one of them if you find the regular gym boring and don’t enjoy outdoor activities such as jogging.

Options include Aqua Spin, where you work out on stationary bikes submerged in the water, pole dancing at Slap Dance Studio, where you’ll get a fun cardio workout, and Pulse by Clubbercise at Virgin Active, a workout that involves dancing in the dark with glow sticks. Fitness can be fun too so find something that excites you and you’ll soon be hooked.


7. Get more sleep

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When you’re well rested, you’ll have more energy to face the day. And when you have more energy, you’ll be more motivated to go to the gym or attend those exercise classes or even just simply take the stairs.

A good night’s sleep is the easiest way to boost your fitness, albeit indirectly, but nobody wants to feel tired all the time so turn the lights (and the phone) off and get some shut-eye.