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With their carefully curated IG feeds filled with fashion and beauty tips, Anda The Sea, Eileen Mak and Lindsay Voitton – together, they have more 123,000 followers – let us in on the newest and hottest, and then some.

The women have gathered for this special video to celebrate the debut of Monki in partnership with Zalora. Part of the H&M group, Monki offers chic streetstyle essentials in clean-cut silhouettes and fashionable prints that can be mixed and matched to create diverse looks. With prices that start at $25 for blouses and $75 for a pair of jeans, it is super-friendly on our wallets.

Plus, what makes Monki cool to us at Her World is its eco-conscious approach. The brand uses some sustainable materials such as organic and recycled cotton. It also has put in place policies to prevent deforestation of ancient and endangered forests and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by its supply chain.

Women for other women

Anda The Sea, whose full name is Farkhanda Chaudhry, has parlayed her popularity as a body positivity advocate into various businesses. Besides WearBums, which stocks casual coordinates for plus sized and curvy women, she also owns indoor glamping service BumOut Space. Coming up in March is her own nail polish brand Araes.

Eileen Mak, meanwhile, is a digital creator who peppers her cute outfit posts with self-deprecating observations such as “in all honesty I’m just gonna be a homebody, not celebrating cny this year!”.

Finally, there’s Lindsay Voitton (Goh, rather), BFF of Eileen and her fellow IG style maven. Her wicked sense of humour cracks us up every single time – huh, whaddya mean you didn’t like her post on Outfits To Break Up With Them In?

Even before the cameras started rolling, the sense of sisterhood was palpable. Between their laughter and chatter, Lindsay let on: “Sisterhood is all about being there for each other, cheering each other on, and pushing each other to become a better version of themselves every day!”

“There was one time a friend got dumped before Valentine’s Day,” she continued, “so the rest of us decided to cheer her up by taking turns to be her date throughout the day! We were glad that it helped take her mind off the situation.”

So we just had to ask, what’s her best answer to the question: “Do I look fat in this?”

Lindsay in her trademark mock-horror smirk, offers, “No, but you can do better!” before continuing, “I always want my girl friends to look their best before they walk out of the door.” Eileen, ever the earnest one, chirps: “No! Are you crazy? You look snatched and you look good!”

It was left to Anda with the most straightforward response: “Shut up!”, which left all three cackling.

Valentine’s Day is just round the corner. Who’s the greatest love of your life?

Lindsay: My husband, my mum and my two adopted cats. They make my life complete.

Eileen: Myself.

Anda: My cat. Also, Zayn Malik – from the songs he writes, I know we’d be the perfect match!

When it comes to love, would you rather give or receive? 

Anda: Give! I want to share joy rather than keep it all to myself.

Lindsay: I love to give. It warms my heart to see someone I love get excited when she receives something she’s always wanted. It shows her that I’ve been listening!

Eileen: It’s a tough one. I’m the giver… [but] when it isn’t reciprocated, I take it very hard. So it’d be nice to receive too.

What would you never change about yourself? 

Eileen: That I feel a lot. It makes me more empathetic towards others.

Anda: Being able to trust people. I’ve had my fair share of scams but, hey, I’ve also had a bigger share of miracles.    

Lindsay: Passion – I put my heart and soul into everything, even the most mundane stuff! At my first part-time job in fashion retail, I was told to steam clothes every day. But I ended up styling outfits for customers and giving them fashion tips!

And what about yourself would you change if you could?

Lindsay: To show more of and talk about my emotions, which I tend to bottle up. I’m trying to remind myself that showing weakness is a sign of strength.   

Eileen: Overthinking.     

Anda: I want to be braver. I’ve lost opportunities because I was so afraid of trying new things; but I now realise that I’m never going to be good enough until I take that first leap. 

What’s one thing you do every day for self-love?

Lindsay: Netflix and snacks!

Anda: I hug my cat. I also journal – being a Piscean means I have a lot in my head, so letting all that out relaxes me.   

Eileen: Waking up and feeling grateful for another new beginning filled with opportunities.

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