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It is Creative Director Natacha Ramsay-Levi’s first ever collection with Chloe and what was her take on the debut Spring Summer collection?

“The essence of Chloe” was what she wanted to show through this collection as she went to the archives of the house to take inspiration from all of her predecessors to create one big bonanza of signature Chloe style.

The end result? A collection that’s romantic, yet wearable. 

The earthy, Sahara vibe found in the Chloé codes circa 2010 was revisited for the Spring Summer 2018 collection. See: snakeskin desert cowboy boots, saharienne jackets and wispy ‘museum’ dresses that give a suggestive nod to the Egyptian days of yore. Floaty floral print dresses had a sense of lightness taken straight from the books of Waight Keller, and from McCartney and Philo’s love for horses came the inspiration for the many chevaux motifs and Equestrian-style tailoring.



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Ramsay-Levi spared no expense in referencing the Victorian and Edwardian ages as well, leaving a trail of frill-trimmed necklines and plenty of lace to do the trick in reliving the riding elements originally introduced by predecessor Stella McCartney.



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Our favourite looks include a white jumper that’s festooned with Chloé’s signature ‘O’ motif in the form of metal eyelets. Lightweight, breathable and perfect for the Singapore weather — as with all the other picks we’ve highlighted. That includes a pair of ankle boots with slits cut into them for maximum breathability, a wispy dress gilded in gold sequins, and a gorgeous mini dress printed with vivid Egyptian motifs.



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Watch the video above to see our top 5 picks from the Chloé Spring Summer 2018 collection in detail.