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One is an accomplished stage and television actress who has more than 30 films and plays under her belt. The other is a rising star in modelling who is turning heads on the local fashion scene. But if there’s one thing Oon Shu An and Iman Fandi have in common, it’s healthy-looking, radiant skin.

Their secret? Estée Lauder’s iconic Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II. The serum works with skin’s circadian rhythm to target damaged skin and help to visibly repair it during the restorative hours of sleep while protecting it during the day.

Staying in sync with your skin’s ideal rhythm

Our skin’s circadian rhythm is its natural day-night cycle that signals to skin cells when to perform its various functions. During the day, skin focuses on protecting itself against external aggressors like pollution and UV rays. When nighttime comes, however, skin shifts its priorities to repair and regenerate, boosting cell turnover and collagen production whereas barrier functions lapse – that’s why skin is most susceptible to moisture loss, inflammation and irritation at night.

Here’s where your lifestyle choices come in. Skin’s natural rhythm goes out of whack not only due to intrinsic ageing, but also when you don’t get sufficient sleep or if you are overexposed to environmental aggressors and even blue light from using digital devices at night. When these happen, there is more oxidative stress on the skin, collagen and skin’s barrier wear down faster and skin starts to show signs of ageing and dehydration.

Proven by unprecedented new research

The good news is that in an unprecedented study commissioned by Estée Lauder and a leading bio-tech company, over 300 bio-markers were identified which reflect skin’s natural activities by day and night. With this industry-first study, a new way to achieve the ideal 24-hour skin rhythm of renewal has been discovered.

Advanced Night Repair restores and re-syncs key skin bio-markers so that you can synchronise your skin rhythm to perform at its peak. How do we know it works? Tests by the brand show that a whopping 89 per cent of women saw their fine lines softened in one week, while 95 per cent said their skin tone looked more even in four weeks.

ChronoluxCB™ Bio-Clock Technology synchronises skin rhythm

Thanks to the patented ChronoluxCB™ Bio-Clock Technology, the serum maximises skin’s natural power to repair by night and protect by day. While skin protects itself from environmental damage during the day, Advanced Night Repair helps skin maximise its natural protective activities so it looks healthy and radiant. At night, skin is on repair mode so the serum helps maximise its nighttime repair processes. Skin looks younger and more rested the next day.

In short, Advanced Night Repair synchronises your skin rhythm so that every woman can wake up to more youthful-looking and instantly radiant skin.

Read on to find out how Shu An and Iman get beautiful in their own skin.

Oon Shu An (@oonshuan), 33, actress

One is tempted to call Shu An a superwoman. From acting to hosting, the bubbly thespian’s days are pretty packed, typically starting with full-day rehearsals, back-to-back meetings or filming. And yet, she is able to relish every moment and inject her signature vim and vigour into everything.

Keeping her fast-paced life rhythm in check is that little brown bottle she swears by – Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair. A long-time fan of serum, she loves the power-packed formula that addresses all her skin woes. “The early mornings and late nights are taxing on my skin, because of the lack of sleep. I also tend to have less time to take extra care of my skin or go for facials ,” she tells us.

Advanced Night Repair is the beauty hero in her skincare routine that helps defend her skin against daily environmental aggressors while repairing it at night.

The serum tricks my skin into thinking it is sleeping so even when I don’t have enough rest, my skin regenerates as though I have.

Oon Shu An

She also appreciates that it is intensely hydrating and reduces the look of key signs of ageing such as fine lines (which she has, now that she is in her 30s), so that she is “ready for her close-up” anytime, any day. What about that “lit-from-within” glow we are all envious of? She shares that she mixes a few drops of the serum into her Double Wear Stay-in-Place foundation (another favourite) for a customised glow.

Iman Fandi (@imanfandi17), 19, model

Being a model may seem all glamorous and glitzy on the surface, but factor in 16-hour shoots where you have to look on point all the time, and you soon realise that it is hard work. Iman would agree. Almost out of her teens, the fresh-faced model has a hectic lifestyle, making waves in the modelling scene here while juggling her studies and leisure time with friends (not to mention late night phone chats and texts). 

It is why she always includes Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair in her skincare routine. The serum keeps her skin on schedule, so despite stressors like the lack of sleep and blue light at night, she is able to wake up with smooth, hydrated skin that looks more renewed in the morning.

On days where she works in front of the camera, it is no surprise that she has makeup on her skin, applied and reapplied all day. “This can sometimes irritate my skin and lips,” she confesses. She makes it a point to always thoroughly remove her makeup right after every shoot and use Advanced Night Repair.

I wanted a serum that is hydrating and regenerating for my skin, Advanced Night Repair is great because it helps repair my skin from within. I also love the effect it gives whenever I apply it. My skin looks healthier, fresher and instantly radiant!

Iman Fandi

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair

1. Advanced Night Repair (ANR) is Asia’s no.1 repair serum.

2. Approximately 10 bottles of ANR are sold every minute around the world.

3. ANR has won 150 beauty awards worldwide.

4. Working in tandem with the restorative power of night, ANR’s ChronoluxCB™ Bio-Clock Technology combines potent purifying ingredients and synchronising systems to maximise skin’s nightly repair.

5. The serum neutralises the ill effects of pollution with its Anti-Pollution Technology. Comprising encapsulated Alkyl Guanine Transferase, it helps to reduce the appearance of skin damage caused by every major environmental assault including ozone, pollution, UV rays and blue light from electronic devices.Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II is priced at $125 for 30ml, $175 for 50ml, and $217 for 75ml. Available at Estée Lauder stores islandwide, Sephora, Sephora Online and Lazada. For more information, visit or check out the brand’s Instagram page @esteelauder_sg.  

. For more information, visit or check out the brand’s Instagram page @esteelauder_sg.  

On Oon Shu An: Makeup Sam Ong using Estée Lauder. Hair Edward Chong. Styling Daryll Alexius Yeo, andLauren Alexa, assisted by Mas Azmi. Outfits (Look 2) T-shirt and pants, H&M. Watch and jewellery, Cartier. (Look 3) Dress, StyleLease. Jewellery, APM Monaco. Location InterContinental Singapore Robertson Quay. On Iman Fandi: Makeup Ginger Lynette Leong using Estée Lauder. Hair Ash Loi. Styling Lauren Alexa, assisted by Mas Azmi. Outfits (Look 1) Dress, White Trousseau. Shoes, Jimmy Choo, Earrings, Bimba y Lola. All other jewellery, State Property. (Look 2) Top and pants, Club L London (ASOS). Shoes, Jimmy Choo. Ring, Atelier Swarovski. All other jewellery, State Property. Videography Tan Wei Te, assisted by Melvin and Eric Tan. Photography Veronica Tay. Props (marble trays, vase and flowers) Finn Avenue.

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