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If there’s any makeup product that we can never be satisfied with, it would be the foundation. With different finishes and shades, it’s difficult to satiate our foundation needs. You might have found one with an amazing finish, but the brand just doesn’t carry your shade and vice versa.

Fret not, we have compiled five beauty products, with some you might already have at home, that you can use to mix into your foundation. Scroll down to check out what these common yet incredible products are.


Applying serum onto your skin is a crucial step in any skincare regiment, but did you know it can also be incorporated into your makeup routine? Mixing two drops of your favourite serum into your foundation makes all the difference when it comes to your complexion – think brighter, more hydrated skin that feels supple all day.

You can even use your serum as a primer to prep your skin for the makeup application. But of course, you can always save time by combining two steps into one with our serum + foundation tip.

Facial Oils

Facial oils are a godsend if you’ve got dry skin or if you’re heading to a winter country. These oils boost hydrating and nourishing benefits that can help repair your skin. By mixing a drop or two into your foundation, you’ll get a slippery consistency which makes it easier to blend the foundation in for a natural look.


For a sheer and dewy finish, mix one part of moisturiser into two parts of foundation. This is a DIY hack for a tinted moisturiser which can save you from layering your makeup in the morning, which can be time-consuming. Tip: keep in mind that oil and water do not mix, so both your foundation and moisturiser would have to be either oil or water-based.

Liquid-based highlighter

Credit: Sephora


Credit: Sephora

It’s disappointing when your foundation becomes too light or dark for you after a tan or winter season. You love the formula but you’re not willing to spend and get the same foundation in a different shade. Well, this is your lifesaver.

These colour altering drops do not change the finish of your foundation, instead they alter the shade of it to your liking. Apart from adding them to your foundation, you can also mix it into moisturisers and serums for light coverage.