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If you haven’t heard about British skincare and makeup brand Pixi Beauty, here’s a quick intro of the top 3 products that I’ve tried and love, from the brand’s founder, Petra Strand herself.


Pixi was available on Sephora Online here for the past year but just debuted in Sephora stores on March 29, 2018. And yay too, especially if you’re a girl who must try before you buy, you’ve got to test out these three products that have won me over.



The first product, Glow Tonic, is an alcohol-free toner that exfoliates and brightens the skin thanks to glycolic acid. But it doesn’t leave skin dry or overly tight as it also feeds skin with aloe vera and calms and balances it with witch hazel. Swipe it on clean skin with a cotton pad every day if you have oily or combination skin, or just twice a week if your skin’s dry or sensitive and it will give your skin back its radiance, without any irritation or redness.


Next up is the Natural Brow Duo. I’ve tried so many brow pencils and powders but this was an instant hit. It is one of the easiest to use with minimal effort, and it won’t make brows look overdone. The triangular-tipped pencil goes on light so you’re less likely to mess up. And the brow gel helps to blend, set and give your brows a more realistic 3D look.


And a new must-have in my makeup pouch is the Endless Silky Eye Pen. When you first try it, this eyeliner glides on so smoothly and easily, you almost won’t believe that it will be budge-proof. But once it sets after about 10 seconds, it stays put pretty impressively, even on oily eyelids like mine. It is my one-stroke eyeliner miracle, the fastest way to give my eyes definition and a pop of colour as you really only need one stroke to line your eyes.


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