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The world, as we know it, has changed. As part of the #HerWorldWithYou campaign to keep your spirits up as you stay home, we’ve been having an Instagram live chat talk show series.

Every week, Her World editor, Ng Yi Lian, hangs out with our Her World community to find out “What’s their New Norm?”, how their lives have changed and seek insights into how they are navigating these new norms.

We caught up with media personality and Her World columnist, Jade Seah ( who also happens to be part of our Her World Tribe, in case you didn’t know). Jade gets candid about how she struggled and even had a meltdown when Singapore’s circuit breaker measures were first announced but she’s singing to a different tune now – she wants to thrive instead of just getting by.

So what has she been putting her time to? Organising her home – that’s what! Jade gives us an inside tour of her home and shows us her enviable shoe collection. Plus, Jade and Yi Lian also reveal a little part of their history that’s not widely known – they were former rivals.

You have to watch this NOW!