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What’s melt in the mouth, cold and guaranteed to lift your mood? In Pastry Chef Janice Wong’s case, it’s nama chocolate. The famous Japanese chocolate truffle that’s light yet creamy.

And making it is also way easier than you think. Now that the most of us are still staying home, this could be a fun weekend activity for you. Watch the video to see how you can make this at home.

Our 2011 Her World Young Woman Achiever also answered a quick pantry Q&A:

1. What are three things you cannot live without in your pantry?

Equipment : Oven, microwave and hand beater  

Ingredients: Chocolate, coffee and milk 

2. Is your pantry an organised mess or are you a neat freak?

I am definitely leaning on the organised side.

3. How often do you restock your pantry?

I frequent my pantry very often so…every week!

4. If you woke up late, and had to have breakfast at your work table, what would it be?

Something that wakes me up and also keeps me full (without feeling bloated) is a mix of yoghurt, chia seeds and fruits!

5. Your favourite thing to make during the Circuit Breaker period

Fluffy cheese cakes! 


Cream, 50g
Green tea powder 8g
White chocolate 150g