Different people, different problems. But no matter what problems you encounter, there’s always something within control: your thoughts and feelings.

The way you approach setbacks in life is a reflection of your mental health, according to psychologist and clinical mental health counsellor Maria Micha. “If you’re emotionally resilient, you can go through anything and still have a good time,” she says in an enlightening podcast with Her World Editor Ng Yi Lian and co-host Charmaine Yee.

That doesn’t mean that you’ve to be happy always. “Allow yourself to find happiness in the difficult moments. It’s a different type of happiness, but it’s a good practice, because that’s real life. And when true joy comes, allow yourself to be immersed in it,” says Maria.

During the 37-minute podcast, Maria also shared some strategies for cognitive reframing, which helps you see things from a broader and more helpful perspective. For instance, when faced with challenges, think about them as things that are happening for you, not to you.

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