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More often than not, we would opt to get our gifts wrapped in the store after buying them. And hey, there’s nothing wrong with that. But really as someone who receives presents and yes, actually keeps the wrapping paper, getting a present personally wrapped by your loved one is much more personal. In a way, you’ll feel more appreciative of the gift because someone actually bothered to put in the time to make it look pretty and presentable.

To help you up your gift wrapping game, we met with Mr Dennis Lee, the senior sales associate and a gift wrapping enthusiast at Robinsons. He showed us a quick way to wrap a gift without using any tape – it’s simple enough for you to execute, so check out our video for the tutorial!

We also got a few little pointers from him about the do’s and don’ts of gift wrapping, and how you can elevate your gift with simple decorations. Read on for more.


When you’ve run out of wrapping paper:


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If you can’t pop out to the stationery shop, you can use items around your house like newspapers, magazine pages, craft paper, hand towels and even napkins to wrap the gifts. If your paper isn’t long enough, simply tape them together so that you have a bigger canvas to work with. 




Common mistakes made when gift wrapping and how to avoid them:


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1. Not properly measuring the right amount of paper needed

Always measure the dimensions of the gift, and give off at least a gap a centimetre wide or long.

2. Exposing any tape

Always keep the tape beneath the wrapping paper.

3. Using yellow-tinted scotch tape

Hide the yellow-tinted tape beneath the paper, or use double-sided tape.

4. Leaving the ends of the paper sticking out

Before wrapping the gift, tape down a half or one centimeter fold on the inside of your paper, so it doesn’t flap out. 


How to decorate your masterpiece:

Leaving your hard work bare would be fine if you’re going for an old-school classy wrap. But if you want to elevate it, there’s an endless sea of possibilities – it’s all up to your creativity. In the meantime, here’s Dennis’ take on what you can do.

Use flowers (either fresh or dried) or twigs to decorate your gift. Sticky-tape it beneath a ribbon so it’s concealed, or use a hot glue gun. You could also use Washi tapes which do the job, but look good.

You could also use herbs like rosemary, which you can find in your kitchen. The plus side for using these is that they actually smell good as well as look good.