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Trouble making sushi at home? No problem. Genevieve Lee shows us that you don’t need the knife skills of a sushi chef to make a maki roll that will hit all the right spots. Her version of spicy tuna maki is rustic, hearty and fun.

Hack: prep your ingredients ahead or make the sushi roll ahead. Besides, nothing tastes better than a cold maki roll when you’re at your work desk (not that we’re advising you to eat as you work).

We also find out what the Masterchef finalist stocks in her pantry in a Q&A with her:

What are three things you cannot live without in your pantry?

Olive oil, Mirin and good ole salt. The three things you really need to cook and balance a dish out.

Is your pantry an organised mess or are you a neat freak?

I like to think that I organise my kitchen but it is a big mess, really. But as long as I can find what I need, it’s good right? My mum usually organises it a little better but I will be at a loss when finding items and usually need to call her to help me find them.

How often do you restock your pantry?

Pretty often, the supermarket is like my second home as I am making a trip there almost everyday. Mainly because my family prefers to only buy in small amounts to keep things fresh!

If I woke up late, and had to have breakfast while working, what should I make?

Almond butter and blueberry toast. I bake a LOT of bread and have a constant supply of almond butter and blueberries because they are my faves. Either that or hot milo with rolled oats soaked in it when I run out of bread.

Your favourite thing to make during the Circuit Breaker period?

Sourdough! Not just the classic loaf but experiment using the yeast on other baked goods! Like pizza, bomboloni, waffles, pancakes, cinnamon babka etc. Loads of time just waiting for the live yeast to do its thing.

Videography Genevieve Lee
Editing Hayley Tai
Music Mirror Mirror

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