They have the looks and street cred. Beyond that, they’re multi-talented, having conquered the red carpet and taken ownership of social media. They act, host, sing, direct and produce. In this celebrities’ edition of 20 Good Men of 2020, Her World presents a talent-stacked list who are making their mark in Singapore, China, Taiwan and India.

He’s young, fresh and a talented lyricist. Yung Raja, born Rajid Ahamed, is Singapore’s hottest rapper.

His lyrics are poetic, and his brand of rap is a harmonious mix of slow and rapid beats, punctuated with Tamil phrases that reflect his roots.

The 24-year-old has so far released seven singles, with streams amassing to more than a million on Spotify and Youtube. His most popular hit, Mustafa (2018), has more than two million streams, followed by Mad Blessings (2019), which has over a million streams.

Last year, Yung Raja signed up with Universal Music Group’s new label division Def Jam SEA, and he hosted Yo! MTV Raps alongside Los Angeles-based DJ Kim Lee. And you’ll be hearing more tunes from this talented local boy.

yung raja her world

What’s on your to-do list?

I have a couple of projects lined up next year, and I’m excited that I’m releasing a new song too! Recently, I feel that some of the projects I’ve been taking have pushed me to explore different sounds… and I’m really loving it!

A good performer is…

I’d like to define it by how much good you create for the world. The metric I use is joy. If I can create art that fulfils that (joy), I’d consider myself to have succeeded. Having said that, the other qualities are being hardworking, disciplined and mindful, if you want to succeed.

yung raja her world

What he’s wearing: T-shirt, nylon bomber jacket, cotton oversized hoodie, and denim shorts, Moschino

What’s your musical inspiration?

My family is one of the inspirations. Then, I look to other things like success, sometimes relationships, and the good things that come my way. My rap is kinda like a journal, I’ll always touch on these topics (although differently) in all of my songs. I do want to move on to bigger themes like social responsibilities and current affairs.

Name a rapper you’d like to work with.

It’s gotta be Drake. I really look up to the way he creates art. He has a team who has been there with him since Day One… he’s producing hit after hit. I really admire that working relationship he has with his team.

This article first appeared in the October issue of Her World.