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The first thing we noticed when we were first introduced to local actress Rebecca Lim was how well-mannered she is. The petite star who was decked out in an elegant monochrome ensemble for the grand opening of the Tod’s flagship in Paragon greeted everyone around her and flashed her smile when she made her entrance.

Even though she has two “Best Actress” titles under her belt, along with a string of high-profile endorsement deals, 31-year-old Rebecca Lim, has not allowed her fame and fortune to get to her head. Before the camera started rolling (for our interview with her), the “The Lead” actress bashfully admitted with her infectious smile that she isn’t good with games (like “Would you rather…”) that require quick-witted and spontaneous responses. But even though she was apprehensive, she still played the game with us.

The last 15 years have been nothing short of fantastic for Rebecca, who went from fresh-faced rookie to leading actress. In her decade long career, Rebecca has appeared in more than 60 dramas in the past 15 years. Her back-breaking filming schedule might lead one to assume that career comes first for the A-lister. However, this could not be further from the truth. When asked whether she wants to find true love or land every role she auditions for, Rebecca responded without any hesitation: “Find true love. Simply because no one can live without love.”

While she has always maintained that she is and has been single for years, Rebecca has been romantically linked to fellow actors Desmond Tan and Ian Fang. While we wait for news on that front, we will not be seeing any less of her on screen. Keeping up with the unrelenting pace of her television projects this year, which include Life Less Ordinary, Eat Already 4, Doppelganger – The Prequel and Doppelganger, she is currently working on Blessing 2 where she plays two roles – an educated daughter of a bank owner in 1918 and a KTV hostess in present day 2018.

Want to see more? Make sure to watch our video above and see how the actress tackles tricky questions like “Would you rather be trapped in an elevator with Song Joong Ki or Pierre Png?”