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This year’s Her World Good Men campaign shines the spotlight on 12 men—each of them influential leaders in their respective fields with the social media followings to prove it.

Best known for the skits with his dad and the pranks they play on each other, Ming Wei (@mingweirocks) is a content creator and the founder of Boom Digital Media. The 27-year-old has one of the largest followings on Facebook in Singapore, and one of the largest followings on Tiktok in Southeast Asia. Here are some things to know about him.

He started making non-speaking videos because they are easier to edit, but the absence of language ended up being their selling point
“I didn’t speak in my videos so that I wouldn’t have to edit the audio. However, I realised over time that it is exactly because they don’t involve language that they are popular. The emotions exhibited in the videos, like happiness and sadness, are universal and transcend cultural differences.”

He is a national Taekwondo athlete
To qualify for the Olympics, you have to be one of the top two athletes at the Asian qualifiers. I took a gap year to prepare and won a silver medal at the 2019 Southeast Asian Games. However, one week before the Olympics qualifiers, Covid-19 happened and it was cancelled. I felt depressed; I’d spent the last 10 years training for this chance and it got taken away so suddenly.”

He has no formal background in video production
“I think it’s just about applying what you learn even if on your own. I work on a video every single day, and whenever I acquire a new skill, I apply it straight away so it becomes a part of my skill set.”

He didn’t know that these type of videos can be monetised until much later
“The Ministry of Communications and Information approached me to make a video about the importance of staying at home during the circuit breaker last year. That was when I went, ‘Oh, I can actually make money from this.’ Even though I started doing this for fun, I immediately set up my company and hired an employee after the realisation.”

He creates content the same way he did his Taekwondo training
“I strive to be consistent. I trained every day, three or four times a day, for 14 years even when I didn’t see any results or get any money from it, and I take the the same approach when making videos.”

His company helps brands grow
“We manage brand accounts and do videos for commercial projects – we specialise in making vertical videos, which are the optimal formats for many social media platforms. No other production houses here specialise in them, and they’re still quite new in Singapore.”

He was the Social Media Adviser for World Taekwondo at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics
“I helped revamp their social media accounts and build their following. For example, before I came on board, their social media platforms had different names, so I changed all of them for unified branding. I also helped them come up with their content strategy.”

Virgin wool suit jacket, virgin wool tank top, virgin wool trousers, and leather shoes, Dolce & Gabbana

His intentions are often misunderstood
“When we reverted to Phase 2 (Heightened Alert), I made a video where I tipped taxi drivers $500 each to raise more awareness about giving them support. Many people said I did it for the views but it actually got 20 times fewer views than the videos i usually put out. If I think I can help, I’m willing to do something even if it brings down my average number of views.”

His psychology degree helps him cope with unkind people
“I’ve received many mean comments. I was affected, but because I studied psychology, I am familiar with coping mechanisms. Now, I try to use my reach to help people be more aware about the impact of cyberbullying –many content creators I know stopped creating work after getting negative comments.”

He wears the same T-shirt in his videos for good reason
“This saves me from thinking about what to wear. Plus, it helps with my branding, so when people are swiping quickly, they can still recognise me.”

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A version of this story first appeared in the November 2021 issue of Her World.