They have the looks and street cred. Beyond that, they’re multi-talented, having conquered the red carpet and taken ownership of social media. They act, host, sing, direct and produce. In this celebrities’ edition of 20 Good Men of 2020, Her World presents a talent-stacked list who are making their mark in Singapore, China, Taiwan and India.

It’s not a chore to be funny as long as you’re making people feel something, says popular local comedian Jai Kishan, who stars in the slapstick videos on local Youtube channel Wah! Banana. “For me, it’s a joy to know that people enjoy the content I put out!”

This year, Kishan was cast in his second TV role on meWatch’s Khloe, a 10-episode drama that revolves around a ruthless influencer’s bid to take down another influencer. On the show, he plays a disenchanted journalist who is faced with the challenge of conforming to society’s norms.

“It’s my biggest project so far. For the first time, I get to play a ‘serious’ role,” the 26-year-old tells Her World. “I’ve been waiting for an opportunity like this for so long!”

Kishan is known as the funny, ironic and endearing dude ever since he started acting five years ago. And he’s a natural. On screen, his exaggerated reactions and oblivious demeanour can be compared to the work of Hollywood comedy actor Steve Carrell.

He jests: “I pride myself in being able to command a room of people with my… well, charm (heh). They can always hear me from a mile away.”

And one casting director heard him loud and clear. Kishan was offered his first acting gig five years ago in the drama Tanglin, after spending five years behind the camera in film production. “I went for it, got the role and quit school – I was that sure of making a career out of acting.” At Her World’s photoshoot, the fun-loving actor was bursting with energy, as he entertained the four-man crew with his jokes – and antics.

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What he’s wearing: Jacket and pants, Moncler. Socks and sneakers, subject’s own

Grooming: Alison Tay, using M.A.C Cosmetics & Kevin.Murphy

Kishan reveals that he was inspired by the cult teen show Hannah Montana. “My 16-year-old self was so inspired by how she (Hannah) could lead her daily life while doing what she loves,” he explains, half-laughing.

“So I wrote a movie script to star in it myself, and even tried to get a production company to shoot it for me.

“Didn’t happen,” he deadpans.

Going from slapstick comedies to serious dramas can be a challenge for the comedian-actor. But he says that it’s just part of the journey to reach his end goal.

Of his ambition, he says with much conviction: “I want to star in a feature film or be a part of a Netflix production in the near future.”

He adds: “I want to have honest and serious conversations with people in the room… and I want to be taken seriously. So that’s something I’ll be working on.”

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