This year’s Her World Good Men campaign shines the spotlight on 12 men—each of them influential leaders in their respective fields with the social media followings to prove it.

The first Singaporean to have a Netflix original comedy special, Fakkah Fuzz (@fakkahfuzz) is a stand-up comedian that hosts the More Better podcast when not performing at shows. The 35-year-old has also just launched a pop-up comedy club. Here are some things to know about him.

His upbringing “wasn’t very conventional”
“My parents were trying their best to make ends meet and at one point, they moved the family moved to Malaysia. However, when that didn’t work out, everyone moved back to Singapore except for me as I was in secondary school and they didn’t want my studies to be disrupted. I lived in the same house with students from different countries and the experience shaped my perspective on culture.”

Growing up, he looked up to comedians like Eddie Murphy and Chris Rock
“I watched a lot of Western movies and was very influenced by Hip hop–they were my only reference to what adults are like since I didn’t live with any grown-ups. I was also very influenced by rappers like Eminem. I was like, ‘OK, when I grow up, I want to be like them.’ So that’s where all of this comes from.”

His humour is centred on truth
“When I do my shows, I tell real stories and share real perspectives. The ‘funny’ comes from within. It’s a good form of therapy! Comedy has been a reliable source of happiness for me.”

His Netflix special is titled Almost Banned because that’s exactly what happened
“I made fun of a political head and his followers did not take it lightly – they wanted me banned from the country. Fortunately, the matter got resolved, but since I became known for what happened, I just thought I’d take the ‘brand’ in stride.”

He is close to his younger siblings, entertainer Farah Lola and rapper Fariz Jabba
“With Farah, I told myself I can either be the brother who is strict with her but that she avoids, or be the brother she has fun with. I chose the second option and have never regretted that decision–I’ve gotten much closer to her and can now talk to her about anything. She also keeps me in check and sometimes provides me with a perspective I’m not used to because of my male privilege. With Fariz, we share a love for Hip hop and I dare say he’s one of the top five rappers in Singapore at present.”

He is “very afraid” of people misunderstanding his intentions
“I’m very concerned about how I make the room feel, even when I’m not doing a show – I may say some wild things, but it’s just to make people laugh. I always feel anxious about being misunderstood, particularly since I realise that people like you until they don’t.”

And would rather be number two
“In any industry, there is someone like Kevin Hart, who is a mogul and owns every single network. But then there’s also someone like Dave Chapelle, who isn’t as big but can do stand-up comedy the way he wants to. He owns the number two spot. Even the number one guy is envious of that because he’s like, ‘I don’t have the freedom you have’.”

Polyester suit jacket and trousers, Twisted Tailor at Asos. Cotton T-shirt and shoes, Fakkah’s own

He started a pop-up comedy club because he doesn’t want the craft to die
“The only way to keep this craft alive is if there are newer comedians, so I started Kopi O Comedy Club. People can test their material and go on stage to tell jokes. This allows them to develop their skills.”

He practises Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and trains every day
“I’ve been doing it competitively for two years. I love that it puts me in a place where I have to problem solve. But I don’t love BJJ as much as I love stand-up comedy, I just figured having a hobby would be good – to take a break from one thing.”

He has a healthy view on relationships
“You can’t expect perfection from your partner because you’ll just be setting yourself up for disappointment. And if a person checks six out of 10 boxes on your list, you’re actually quite lucky. Relationships are really about compromise and acceptance–you will never be 100 per cent each other’s type but at least when the both of you are happy, you can make each other happier.”

Photography: Veronica Tay
Art direction: Ray Ticsay
Styling: Lauren Alexa
Hair and grooming: Angel Gwee, using Nudestix & Davines; Zoel Tee, using Estee Lauder & Kevin. Murphy

A version of this story first appeared in the November 2021 issue of Her World.