Videographer: ‘Alyaa Iman Imran

Shopping is getting more experiential these days and we couldn’t be more excited about the arrival of Prada Silver Line.

Rolling into Paragon station just days before Aug 6, local shoppers finally get to hop on the Prada Silver Line that’s been touring around the region to places like Macau and Shanghai before making its final stop here in Singapore.

Drawing inspiration from the American steamliners of the ’30s and ’50s, Prada reconstructed a portion of a luxurious train cabin wallpapered in lovely floral-patterned red silk brocade to create a sense of romanticism and to offer shoppers a chance to shop exclusive products that are different at every leg of the journey.

Expect a showcase of items inspired by travel like the brand’s iconic nylon bags with Prada Robot motifs and other small leather goods and bags with the latest iteration of the Prada logo. There will also be pre-launch items on display so you can get them first at the pop-up before they return to the stores after Aug 22. 

Want to find out the exclusives that are available only at the pop-up? Watch our video to find out. 

Prada Silver Line will be in town from now until Aug 22 before it packs up and heads back to Milan, so be sure to check it out.