Each month, we barge our way into (okay, they did let us enter) the homes of popular stylish women, all in the hopes of getting the low-down on their very enviable – and well-filled – closets. Following predecessors such as Rachel Lim, Jade Seah and Priscilla Shunmugam, we present the red head that is Yvette King. Half Korean, half Australian and based right here in Singapore, Yvette King is a breath of fresh air to our TV screens, currently presenting E! News Asia as well as anchoring Fox Sports News (Asia).

But more than keeping us entertained with her celebrity interviews that include the likes of David and Victoria Beckham, Eva Longoria and Naomi Campbell, she also delivers epic fashion and beauty inspiration on her social media.



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Yvette has garnered a wealthy following on her verified Instagram (@vettyking) because she takes some incredible images whilst travelling all over the globe with her beau in tow…not that we’re envious or anything! Yvette has a very unique sense of style, and we’re not just referring to her long thick red locks. She stands out from the crowd by being daring with her outfit choices and there is seemingly nothing she can’t pull off.



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What’s more, she admits she styles herself, at all times. It’s easy to assume there is a team of people behind every #inspo Instagram shot, but actually, it’s all Yvette. She says “at the end of the day, I want to feel comfortable and I know my body better than anyone else and I know what works for me”. You go girl!

Her originality and creativity extends beyond just her attire, as we found out when we raided her bedroom. Her colonial style shoe cabinet is in fact an old bookshelf that she herself converted to store all of her precious designer heels, displayed through two large glass panel doors.  



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But what we love about her the most, is how straight talking she is. Yes, those first pair of Louboutins are always painful and she’s not afraid to be real and admit it. Yes, she will hunt for vintage pieces and yes, she will always head towards Australian designers given her heritage.



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Find out more by watching her interview above.