Each month, we barge our way into (okay, they did let us enter) the homes of popular stylish women in Singapore, all in the hopes of getting the low-down on their very enviable – and well-filled – closets.

Following the footsteps of fashionistas Jade Seah, Yvette King and Tracy Phillips, we’ve got fashion blogger Melissa Celestine Koh taking us through her most treasured items and go-to styling classics.



The influencer, who had celebrated her wedding last year in August, showed us her newly renovated closet and the incredibly chic pieces which fill it.



Recounting fond memories attached to certain outfits —  e.g. a very feminine lace pink dress which brought to mind her first Valentine’s date with her husband — and showing us her greatest bargain buy, the Instagram darling also shared her insight on the kind of outfits she thinks photograph well.



We also roped in her husband, James Chen, to see how well he knows Melissa’s personal style and taste. Watch the video above to find out how he did!