Think of it as something rather like a speakeasy: It’s difficult to find, only opens once a month (announced on Instagram @deaththreadsvtg), and when you do find it, there is often a long, snaking queue. But the hunt, and quenching that vintage thirst, are part of the thrill. Carousell this is not.


Photo: Frenchescar Lim


Oddly enough, three of the store’s four founders did meet on Carousell while vintage hunting. Deon Phua, 26, first met Edmund Tan, 20, and the pair roped in Paul Dizon, 35, also via the site, for the venture. Joshua Lee, 25, joined after visiting Death Threads’ first few editions with his supply of vintage band merchandise.


Photo: Frenchescar Lim


The store’s curation is the pride of the team. On top of the usual ’80-’90s sportswear and streetwear from brands like Nike, Champion, Tommy Hilfiger and Bape, Death Threads also stocks many pieces that run the gamut of popular culture, from movies to TV shows to cult bands. “We bring in what we love, and hope to spread this appreciation to Singaporeans,” says Lee.


Photo: Frenchescar Lim


New goods are sourced from local and overseas contacts, and sometimes through thrifting trips. Examining the tags, Lee says, is key to verifying the authenticity of the goods. “The design of the brand logo as well as where the garment was made are good gauges of which era the item is from. Stitching plays a big role, too. You definitely need to know your stuff because you will come across a lot of fakes that are really close to the originals.”


Photo: Frenchescar Lim


Prices: Tees are $25-$75 each, although rare and original band or anime ones can fetch more than $100 each; caps are $20-$70 each; sneakers, $80-$150; outerwear starts from $35; and bags are $40-$80 a pop.


Death Threads: #04-06 Kapo Factory Block A, 80 Playfair Road. It opens from noon to 6pm, one weekend a month. Follow on Instagram @deaththreadsvtg for updates.


This story was first published in the August 2018 issue of Her World magazine.

Photography: Frenchescar Lim

Videography: Tan Kai Lin 

Styling: Bryan Goh

Hair and makeup: Angel Gwee, using Chanel and Kevin.Murphy