Sick of your limp locks and flaccid follicles? You’re probably – gasp! – drying your hair wrongly.

Try treating your tresses to some tender loving care with these surprisingly easy and shockingly effective tips to gloriously glossy hair – all of ‘em tried and tested by our mane maestro Song Hye-kyo herself.

Some “hair-lights” from the tantalising teaser reel above: Song demonstrating her dexterity with a diffuser, the criminally underutilised add-on that can really amplify your appliance. Make no mistake: A diffuser makes all the difference in well, diffusing heat for the most va-va-voom volume. It’s especially useful if you want to play up your naturally tousled tresses; as Song shows, all you need to do is to pop the diffuser onto your dryer at low heat, mount the “helmet” onto the crown of your head, swirl it about and lift off for a boost in body and bounce.

Oh, and the leading lady makes a “cool” case for using the cool shot setting on your Dyson Supersonic device. Think of the blast of frosty air as a follicle-fortifying final flourish – it seals in the shine and is superb for setting curls too, so go right ahead and push that button.

But let’s cut to the chase and get to the good stuff, shall we. Click “play” on the video for Song’s blow-by-blow blow-out, which (spoiler alert!) also includes an absolutely adorable shout-out to her Singaporean fans, and in English to boot.      

More Dyson x Song-related bits and bobs (“bobs”– geddit?) in an upcoming director’s “cut” (last pun, I swear!) whizzing your way, so watch this space. Good luck with your locks!

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