First, a stray observation: Mae Tan’s posh pad is positively spilling over with the swankiest swag – her Hermes haul is strung up on her wall like so many bargain buys.

This rather revealing if amusing anecdote is my circuitous way of saying that the chick is too cool for convention – she is, after all, the official “unofficial” face of louche labels like Off White and Christian Dada. (Check her credentials on social media; #gurlfriend has swagger in spades.)  

Which brings us back to beauty. Our provocative poster child for slouchy rich kids in Singapore was a fantastic fit for a makeover by maquillage master Eunice, Urban Decay Singapore’s national makeup artist. I mean, lacquered lips with a greenish black gleam? Come on.

Yes, we’re well aware that pitch-dark puckers can teeter all too easily into full-on Morticia Addams cosplay, but Eunice flirted right to the very edge of tacky territory by skillfully balancing the murky malachite hue of Mae’s mouth with the incredible incandescence of her skin – the idea here is to create a titillating textural contrast between the luminous lustre of her skin and the decadent darkness of the lippie. Genius!

Speaking of skin, there are a ton of top tricks to be gleaned here, starting with Urban Decay’s covetable collection of colour correctors, which are available in an array of precision-engineered pigments to reduce redness and diminish discolouration. Must try!

Then there’s the breathtakingly beautiful brightening palette she uses towards the end that’s one of the best on the market for my money. Simply swipe and swirl together along your cheekbones to draw attention to the middle of your face; dot on your cupid’s bow to give your puckers a poutier appearance; and finish with a dab in the middle of your chin. The glimmering effect as light falls on your face will mask fatigue and imbue it with a hypnotic “halo” effect that’s exquisite in the extreme. (Mae should know; our videographers had to leave her many exclamations of excitement on the cutting room floor.)

But enough prattling on from yours truly. Click “play” on the video above – multiple times if you may, please – and have fun painting the town black!

P.S. Mae’s magnificent mane was managed by wig whiz Rina from the L’Oréal Professionnel-affiliated The Comb salon – and yes, those shiny strands come courtesy of expertly executed extensions. Now you know!

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