Spanning across 4,000 sq ft is Maison Christian Dior, an elegant Parisian apartment you’d love to call home.

As an extension to the perfume-only Maison Christian Dior boutique in Ion Orchard, the pop-up maison is a reflection of what Monsieur Dior loves – white marble elegance, luxurious rugs and coffee table books in bookshelves.

A collection of 20 signature parfums are placed around the maison, and burning candles make a pleasant sensual trip. Mitzah, their collection of silk scarves seen here, are also available at the boutique.

With each scent telling its own unique history and story, a fragrance has the power to evoke memories, of a certain mood or time in our lives. Master Perfumer Francois Demaçhy has been working with Dior since 2006, to create both its classic scents as well as more niche scents.

Thus the introduction of La Collection Privée Christian Dior – a collection of authentic, elegant fragrances for men and women, created using only carefully selected, exceptional raw materials and handcrafted in a traditional manner.

Maison Christian Dior is located in ION Orchard, #B2-52.

Direction: Reta Lee

Art direction: Penny Seow

Videographer: Wei Te

Video editor: ‘Alyaa Iman Imran