Beauty bottomline: It’s all about the base, baby. With that in mind, we challenged maquillage master Sha Shamsi (@ShaShamsi) to work her makeup magic on model of the moment, the fabulously flawless Fiona Fussi (@FionaFussi), and she was only too happy to oblige.

The brief? Simple: Show us how to get “moist matte” skin that’s glowy, not greasy. I won’t spoil the show for you, but some video highlights include Sha’s ace advice when it comes to supercharging your serum’s potential with a DIY massage to de-puff and detoxify your way to a slimmer, more V-shaped visage. Personal vouch: I’ve found that the mini massage method amps up blood circulation for a flirty flush in my cheeks, making blusher entirely optional on #makeupfree days.

Then there are a couple of cool tricks to maximising the mileage out of your beloved cushion compact. For starters, Sha says you should use your puff to pat on your cushion, as doing so will offer coverage that flirts on the edge of sheer and medium for almost-nude skin that’s yours, only better.

Top takeaway: You should pat a thin layer of product all over your face, then go back in and focus on areas of concern, such as around the nose and mouth. This targeted second coat essentially doubles up as a concealer of sorts, quick’n’dirty style. The result? Complexion boasting a lustrous luminosity and super supple finish that reads as “real”, even up close, with no creasing, crinkling or pooling into pores.

But don’t take it from me. Click “play” on the video above for all the industry insider info you need for patch-free and picture-perfect foundation that should take you from the boardroom to the bistro bar – no top-ups required. Enjoy, and good luck getting ready to “face” the day!