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You want makeup that lasts, is easy to apply and even easier to maintain throughout the day? Then look no further than these 5 kinds of makeup.


#1. A makeup primer that works with your skin

Photo: Instagram / beautifulbuns_sg

It’s a simple makeup fact that if you want your foundation to not only last all day, but to look good as long as it’s on your face, then you need to invest time and money in a makeup primer. If you’ve yet to find the right one for you, read everything you need to know about makeup primers. Basically, they help to lay the perfect foundation on your skin even before the foundation goes on, by correcting your skin texture and condition. Mattifying primers control greasy complexions, and illuminating types brighten dullness, and so on. Get the right one and you’re on your way to fake-it-till-you-make-it flawless skin throughout the day.


#2. A two-way cake foundation

Photo: Instagram / loveforskincare

I know, I know, there are so many other types of foundie out there with ever more wonderful skin-perfecting formulas like the plethora of cushion foundations and weightless liquids and mineral powders that you only need to swirl on your skin. But I am and always have been a two-way cake foundation kinda girl. I mean, what’s not to love about the swipe on instant perfection? To those who say it gets cakey, I say – you’re just slapping on too much. Go easy with your application. Plus, the new two way cake formulas these days have super refined textures with the finest milled powders that feel airy light.


#3. Blush, contour and highlighter palette

Photo: Instagram / beautifulbuns_sg

Find the right all-in-one palette for your skin tone and you’re on your way to instantly defined features and glow. I love a palette that has the perfect pink blusher for your cheeks, a deeper matte shade to contour under the cheeks, along the jawline and around the hairline, and highlighters to brighten light and illumination to the face. The difference that contouring and highlighting can give to your face may seem subtle (if done correctly) but it makes a difference, especially on camera and in person.


#4. A neutral brown toned eyeshadow palette

Photo: Instagram / beautifulbuns_sg

You could go without eyeshadow if you’re in a hurry or are feeling lazy, but if you can spare 3 to 5 minutes, a wash of colour on your eyes amps up your look. Brown tones are the easiest to work with on Asian skin tones. Just apply the most neutral beige over the entire lid, the darkest colour on the outer crease, and a shimmery shade on the inner corners, A stroke of eyeliner, a brush of mascara, and you’re done. Check out our 8 steps to master the art of flawless eyeshadow application.


#5. Lastly, a matte pink lipstick

Photo: Instagram / loveforskincare

I love me some creamy, lip-hydrating lipsticks, but when I want colour that lasts, I pick a matte finish. If you pick the right formula, it can leave a pretty stain on your lips all day, without any touch-ups. Check out our review of 9 lipsticks that leave a pretty stain on your lips so they never look faded.

And I recommend a pink that suits your skin tone, which is easier to maintain than red, yet gives your face more colour than a nude hue.

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