Ahh… lipstick. The quickest way to glam up and look pretty. And also the most troublesome makeup product as it needs constant touch-ups. Mainly because we use our mouths to eat, drink, and kiss… everything that requires contact with another surface and that wears away all that carefully applied lip colour.

So, with Valentine’s Day around the corner, we are sharing one tried and proven trick to make your lipstick budge-proof (of kiss-proof).

Pick your favourite lip colour, my suggestion is to use a creamy opaque lip colour for best results. Using a matte textured lipstick for this lip colour trick might result in some flaking when lips get too dry, depending on the formulation.

After applying lipstick, blot off with a tissue. Then reapply if necessary until your lip colour looks even. Then apply a makeup colour sealant. We found four different ones for you to try.

AprilSkin Fixing Lip Shield, $20 from Guardian; Make Up For Ever Aqua Seal, $46; e.l.f Cosmetics Makeup Lock & Seal, $3.97 from iHerb; Lipcote Lipstick Sealer, £3.99 (S$7.45) from www.lipcote.com.


Just glide some of the sealant over your lip colour gently. Let it dry then I would recommend applying a second layer for good measure. Some of the sealants, like the AprilSkin one, has a bit of an oily texture on application, so you’ll need to let it dry a bit longer for it to set. Once the sealant is set, your lips are all set for you to go about your day with minimal touch-ups.

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