Modern day busy women take on many roles. In the day, we hustle as entrepreneurs, employees, mothers or creatives and at night, the pace slows down and we ease into our personal pursuits or simply decompress. The same goes for multi-hyphenate Stephanie Er, who runs her own creative agency, manages an ongoing podcast and lifestyle store Arch Army, and is a solo parent to 7-year-old daughter Ara. To say that her days are packed is an understatement — often leaving very little time for everything else, including her skincare routine.

That’s why she carefully selects her skincare to cater to her needs — tapping on Chanel’s SUBLIMAGE skincare to rejuvenate skin at all hours of the day.

The SUBLIMAGE L’Extrait and L’Extrait de Nuit have the perfect viscosity and melts into the skin when applied. It truly is a wonder in a bottle.

Stephanie Er

The SUBLIMAGE L’Extrait and L’Extrait de Nuit are the perfect duo for improving skin regeneration and enhancing skin’s ability for self repair.

Each SUBLIMAGE product features the exceptional and rare Vanilla Planifolia at its core and grown in strict conditions at Chanel’s open-sky laboratory in Madagascar.

The SUBLIMAGE L’Extrait was recently upgraded, forming a powerful concentrate that marries nature and technology. With the highest concentration of Vanilla Planifolia, precious oils and the newly included Swertia extract, this skin concentrate targets skin ageing from a cellular level.

A decade-long study conducted at Chanel Research has led scientists to understand cell senescence and how it affects the skin. When cells enter senescence, they stop dividing and start losing vitality — senescent cells essentially impede the skin’s ability to bounce back from damage as it’s unable to replenish cells that have been lost to free radicals or the skin’s natural shedding processes.

These senescent cells also release stress messengers, prompting neighbouring cells to enter a state of senescence as well. Over time, the number of senescent cells increases and accumulates, and the deepest signs of skin ageing begin to show.

SUBLIMAGE L’Extrait, $780, Chanel

The new SUBLIMAGE L’Extrait is reformulated to prevent just that. Polyrefractioned Vanilla Planifolia is expertly extracted so that it contains 40 times more active molecules than its raw plant material—improving cell-to-cell communication and cellular renewal. The newly included ingredient Swertia extract goes through a two-step extraction process which limits the spread of senescence. At the same time, senescent fibroblasts are eliminated to make way for healthier cells which perform its function to repair and restore skin.

Like the other products in Chanel’s SUBLIMAGE line, expect no less when it comes to sensoriality. With a rich honey-like texture, this oil concentrate bursts into a silky oil, absorbing quickly to leave a velvety feel. A single drop leaves the skin comfortably smooth and hydrated and can be used as a treatment, or in place of a cream.

As the day draws to a close, everything slows down — except for our body. Our skin regenerates while we sleep to repair damage that has been sustained during the day, that’s why it’s imperative to draw on this innate healing response to mend damaged cells so skin remains healthy and strong.

SUBLIMAGE L’Extrait de Nuit, $924, Chanel

The SUBLIMAGE L’Extrait de Nuit maximises skin’s circadian rhythm to reset the skin’s ability to regenerate — as though it had a good night’s sleep. The star of the formula is a chronopeptide which is composed of two fermented floral elixirs that aid cellular detoxification, while active fractions of Vanilla Planifolia protect, repair and regenerate the skin.

Bring the night to a close with the SUBLIMAGE L’Extrait de Nuit, where evanescent micro-droplets of oil suspended in an aqueous serum bursts upon contact to deliver freshness and a light protective film on the skin.

Take control of your skin’s regenerative and restorative powers with Chanel SUBLIMAGE L’Extrait ($780) and L’Extrait de Nuit ($924) available at all Chanel boutiques and counters and on Chanel’s E-Shop

Featuring: Stephanie Er
Styling: Jeffrey Yan
Senior Beauty Editor: Arissa Ha
Director & Camera: Jayden Tan
Producer: Peggy Liang
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