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Japan – The Land of the Rising Sun and also the land of innovative products we never thought we needed. Although we can’t drop our work and head to Japan to hunt down all those interesting beauty buys we hear so much about, Don Don Donki, the recently opened 24-hour Japanese discount store located at Orchard Central brought a piece of Japan to us.

From powder cleansers to jelly-textured exfoliators, here are some raved about products and some unique ones you need to try from Don Don Donki.


Pure Smile Nippon Art Mask Box Set, $12.90

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This adorable mask set that features unique designs are a fun addition to your skincare routine. Each sheet mask is packed with collagen and camellia extract which helps maintain the elasticity of your skin. Leave it on for 15 minutes before bed and wake up the next morning with taut and moisturised skin.  


Felicela Foundation Brush, $15.90


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With dense and super soft bristles, this brush is small enough to fit smaller Asian faces, especially around the tricky nose area. It blends your liquid foundation seamlessly into your skin so it looks really natural and flawless.


Mori Kitty Eyelash Curler, $5.90


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Minimise your makeup pouch space with this mini eyelash curler. It is simple to use and effective in curling your lashes. Plus points for the cute Hello Kitty design on it!


Meishoku Detclear Peeling Jelly, $21.90

This gentle jelly-textured exfoliator is cooling to apply and contains AHA and BHA exfoliants which helps get rid of dull, dead skin to reveal a bright and radiant complexion. It comes in three variants – mixed fruits, mixed berries and a scentless one for those who are more cautious of what they put on their face.


Rosette Hello Kitty Uji Matcha Kintoki Face Wash. $10.90


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Get brighter skin instantly with this matcha face wash. The matcha powder in the product hydrates your skin and is known to keep skin hydrated. You can also find a yuzu face wash from this range which is infused with ceramide that protects your skin from dryness.


Lululun Hydrating Face Mask Set (36), $29.90

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This daily face mask acts as a replacement for your daily toner. The aloe vera leaf extract found in the mask aids in soothing your face and adds a subtle glow to skin at the same time.




Suisai Beauty Clear Powder, $27

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As it is individually packed, this unconventional powder cleanser is extremely travel friendly. The grit in the cleanser also acts as a gentle exfoliator which unveils baby soft skin over time.  


Mote Mascara Technical 1, $28.10

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This clear mascara contains black fibers to help lengthen lashes and can be applied on extensions as well. It removes easily with warm water so you won’t have to tug on your precious lashes and extensions.


Browlash EX Brow Coating, $16.90

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If you’re a victim of faded-looking brows through the day, swipe on some of this brow coating to lock in your brow product. It is sweat, grease, water and rubbing resistant. That means brows on fleek even when you’re swimming.


Kouji Hime All-in-One Gel, $29.90

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This three-in-one product (milk, lotion and cream) helps moisturise your skin without leaving it greasy. It contains sake which is essential in evening out your skin tone and minimising the signs of ageing by fighting free radicals.