Who is JuE Wong? Memorable monicker aside – that capitalised E ain’t a typo – the woman boasts a CV that reads like that of a consummate candidate for Best Career Trajectory.

Here’s a brief dossier. Having burnished her business “cents” as a commodities trader, JuE broke into the beauty world 18 years ago, steadily steering her kitten heels up the career ladder before punching a cavernous crater in the glass ceiling by being tapped as the president of the Elizabeth Arden brand in August last year – making her the highest ranking Singaporean woman executive at a global cosmetics company thus far. 

Her role at Arden? She’s the #LadyBoss responsible for rejuvenating the august American beauty behemoth and turning it around into one that will appeal to tech-savvy young’uns – and that includes you, dear herworldPLUS readers. 

Swanning into Singapore for the unveiling of the swanky Smart Beauty Gallery pop-up space stationed outside Robinsons The Heeren, the US-based mother of two is perfectly poised and polished in person. To wit, here’s her pull quote-worthy musing on the punitive pressures placed on working women today: “Throw out the whole concept of work-life balance and think of it as work-life integration instead … Give your kids and family your full attention when you’re with them, and do the same when you’re at work.”   

JuE’s capacity for compartmentalisation may lead you to conclude that the woman is some soulless superhuman outlier. Not so. The proud “parent” of a 17-year-old dog concedes to feeling flashes of very human affection for her furry friend: “A dog is always a two-year-old in my eyes. I feel like when I’m with him, I’m a hundred percent dedicated to his well-being.” Aww.

And as may be expected from a globe-trotting #GirlBoss, the bona fide beauty buff is also chock-full of travel-related tips. Fellow frequent fliers should take a leaf from her book and rack up “makeup miles” by checking out her hacks – her trick involving lip balm, in particular, is incredibly ingenious and may well be the secret you need to getting your face on fleek for your #AirportStyle selfie. Click “play” on the video above to see what I mean, and cheers to superb skin and a cool career!