If you get the chance to meet Fann Wong in person, the first thing you’ll immediately notice is her lily-white and blemish free complexion.

It’s no wonder The Body Shop tapped on her to speak about her beauty must-haves, tips and tricks at their ION Orchard branch to celebrate the store’s second anniversary.

But as the actress has grown older and embraced motherhood, she’s also relaxed considerably, in terms of the steps as well as products involved in her daily beauty routine.


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The 47-year-old superstar told us that she “used to (put on) a sheet mask every single day but Zed doesn’t like the idea of like the idea of (her with a) sheet mask over (her) face, so (she) uses the Body Shop mask now.”

Her favourites? The Body Shop Mediterranean Almond Milk with Oats Face Mask for when her “skin is feeling sensitive or when she has redness on her face” and The Body Shop Ethiopian Honey Deep Moisturising Mask for when her “skin is dry due to the weather”.

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Even though the celebrity mum has streamlined her skincare routine, she maintains her porcelain complexion by being meticulous with her makeup removal.

“Cleansing oil does wonders for removing makeup. I actually cleanse twice with the oil and then I rinse off the oil cleanser and pat dry my face before I start to slowly and gently remove my makeup with a foaming cleanser.”


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To Fann, clear skin starts from the inside out, apart from caring for her skin with face masks and maintaining a diligent cleansing routine, the actress also ensures she drinks at least 2.5 litres of water every day and have a very good breakfast to start her day, whether she’s working or not.

Fann also attributes her good skin to making time for herself. She said,“I like to take a quiet moment, when Zed is asleep to read a book and (put on) a mask.”


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When asked about who vents her frustrations to, she said that she vents to her husband. “It’s always my husband. When I need to recharge, I just look at my son. When I see Zed, I have no more problems, but when I see my husband, I have lots of problems,” she said with a laugh.

What else does Fann do to maintain that enviably youthful glow? You’ll have to watch the video to find out.