Editor's Note

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. For some, Feb 14 could be a lavish affair; for others, celebrations could be in the form of ‘Netflix and chill’. No matter how you choose to spend Valentine’s Day, it’s a time to celebrate love. But how should we love and be loved?

This month in our magazine, we explore different facets of modern love – from fantasy lovers, being self-partnered to long-distance relationships, marriage and more. You can also read all about that on our site here. Plus, we have stories on modern ways to celebrate modern love in this V-day guide, specially curated for you.

Whoever you are spending the day with, don’t hold back on pouring out your love. And yes, you can do that for yourself too.

– MaryAnn Soh, Digital Editor of Her World


Your ultimate Valentine’s Day guide

Everything you need to know from looking your best on V-day, novel gift ideas, suggestions for mini couple getaways and where to go for romantic date nights. There’s even something for those who want to celebrate the special day with your BFFs.