Editor's Note

2020 not only overturned life as we know it, but also changed the way we looked at beauty. In response to mask-wearing and staying home more, we streamlined our skincare routine, embraced self-care and turned the focus to effective formulas that showed results.

We searched for skincare to help us combat maskne and keep skin clear, healthy and strong. We reached for long-wearing, budge-proof makeup that would last under a mask. We looked for anti-hair loss treatments to tackle the effects of pandemic stress.

These all led to the The New Norm Edition of this year’s Her World Beauty Awards, continuing what Her World started 20 years ago, when we were the first women’s magazine to introduce beauty awards. Even in a pandemic, our focus has not changed. In fact, it’s sharpened to help readers find beauty products that truly work in this new normal.

Together with our panel of 13 judges, we put hundreds of skincare, makeup and hair products to the test, making up more than 12,700 hours of testing in all. Each product you see here has been tested rigorously against others in its category to find the best in its class.

The result is 143 winners of Her World Beauty Awards 2021, from maskne serums to budge-proof foundations, on top of perennial skin faves like anti-ageing and brightening serums, eye creams, moisturisers and lipsticks. Find out what they are and why they work.

Penelope Chan,
Contributing Beauty Editor

Her World Beauty Awards 2021

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