How to get accidental lipstick stains out of your clothes

It’s a nightmare finding you’ve somehow stained your favourite top, whether it’s because of someone else’s lipstick or your own, but there are ways to salvage the situation without chucking the whole thing in the wash

how to get lipstick stains out of clothes

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Sometime during Christmas day while I was out at a lunch party, I realised that the shoulder of my white top had a lipstick stain across it. It seemed that somewhere along the way, I’d hugged someone who left their lipstick on my shoulder. And because I had wanted to wear the top to my next event of the day, it was extremely important that I got rid of the stain.

It’s definitely not the first time I’ve had a stained top or dress. Sometimes I make the mistake of doing my makeup before putting on a top that has a small neck or it accidentally blows in my face and catches some of my lipstick. Whatever the case, I know I’m not alone in finding myself in this unfortunate situation.

So if you’ve been having to deal with getting lipstick stains out of your clothes, here are some handy tricks to try.


#1 Hairspray

Even if you don’t enjoy using hairspray, you might want to consider keeping a bottle of it around for situations like this. Spray the stain with hairspray, and let it sit for a minute or more. Then with a clean cloth and some warm water, dab at the lipstick stain. Rubbing can smear the lipstick and create an even bigger mess, so dabbing is always preferable. You can repeat the process with the hairspray and the warm cloth until the stain is gone, though keep in mind that the stain might transfer to the towel so it should be one you don’t mind getting dirty.


#2 Rubbing alcohol

Alcohol breaks down the oil base that’s in lipsticks, which can make them really stubborn stains and difficult to remove with water. What you can do is place the clothing item stain-side down on a folded paper towel, and again dab the rubbing alcohol onto the back of the stain. Repeat until stain is gone, making sure to change the paper towel when it begins to absorb the stain.


#3 Wet wipes

Wet wipes pretty much work the same way as the second option, especially if they contain alcohol. The difference being, you don’t need an extra cloth to get the job done. In fact, if you have any grease stains on your clothes whether it be food or makeup, wet wipes are the most likely to save your outfit in an actual emergency because they’re a lot easier to carry around in your bag. Even if you don’t completely get out a stain, breaking it down as soon as possible is going to do make it easier to remove the stain than letting it sit for minutes or even hours.


Just one thing to note with all these methods. Time is of the essence when getting rid of a stain. So even if you’re throwing your outfit in the wash, it’s prudent to try and break down the stain beforehand with a degreaser (if it’s an oil-based stain), or a regular stain remover.


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