Wee Kim Wee

Inspired by the late Mrs Wee Kim Wee: Modern Cheongsam Fashion
The late Mrs Wee Kim Wee was effortlessly regal and chic in her cheongsams. As an homage to her, here are six cheongsam brands you can find in Singapore so that you can look presidential and fashionable
Tributes pour in to honour the late Mrs Wee Kim Wee
The memory of Mrs Wee is one of unwavering dignity, beauty and grace. Prominent figures and thousands of Singaporeans paid tribute to the wife of Singapore's late ex-president Mr Wee Kim Wee after her passing on July 7, a day after she celebrated her 102nd birthday on Friday
12 things you didn't know about Mrs Wee Kim Wee
A devoted mother and wife with a remarkable talent in the kitchen, here are a few other facts you may find surprising about the late Mrs Wee Kim Wee