wedding insurance

5 things to know about wedding insurance
The cost of having a wedding in Singapore is not cheap. To help you decide whether you need to have your wedding insured in case something goes wrong, here are some key points about wedding insurance in Singapore.
4 situations when wedding insurance may be a life-saver
Few people realise there is such a thing as wedding insurance in Singapore. Such an insurance policy might offer you a pay out if your wedding gets cancelled, or compensation for screw ups.
You can now get insurance for overseas weddings and photo shoots
You can now insure yourself against the wedding service provider going broke, injuries to guests or damage to property, and even the loss of the wedding gown, ring or marriage certificate.
4 reasons why you should buy wedding insurance
Protect yourselves and prevent any heartbreak from happening should anything prevent you from having the wedding of your dreams.
How to avoid heartache if your bridal salon closes down: Tips to note!
What to look out for before you book your wedding packages, and solutions if (touchwood!) your bridal salon closes down before your wedding day, says Steve Thio, Contributing Editor for Her World Brides and Female Brides.
Couples buy wedding insurance to make sure their big day goes smoothly
Vendor no-shows, bad weather, or loss of wedding rings or data... These couples and insurance companies show why wedding insurance is a must-have when it comes to your big-day celebrations.