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Singaporeans tell us about their ultimate sex fails
Have a chuckle or cringe at these true stories - your worst bedroom nightmares come true
True story: “I quit my job in Singapore to be with my boyfriend overseas but he was seeing someone else"
When Charmaine* moved to Hong Kong to join her long-term boyfriend, she discovered that he’d partnered up with another woman. The 34-year-old marketing consultant shares her heartbreak
True Story: “My live-in partner refuses to have sex with me"
Beth*, 35, has been dating Andre* for nearly five years but for more than half that time now they have not been sexually intimate. Beth discusses how her boyfriend’s refusal to have sex has affected her
True Story: “I’ve been the other woman for years and now he’s married. I don’t feel sorry for the wife”
Olivia’s* relationship with Jack started out years ago as friends, before progressing into something more - when he already had a girlfriend (now wife). She lost her virginity to him and has no regrets about their ongoing affair
True story: “My friends don't understand my son's depression. They think I'm a bad parent”
This World Mental Health Day, a woman shares the loneliness and heartache that comes with looking after a son with depression, and what caregivers wish you wouldn’t do
True story: "My first love reappeared after I was engaged to someone else - but I took him back"
Cheryl*, 43, broke off her engagement when she realised that she was still in love with her ex-boyfriend. But, as she tells Melissa Wong, she has no regrets