true stories

True Story: “I was sexually assaulted by my date while on holiday”
Jeanne*, 33, invited her date back to her vacation rental apartment, only to be attacked by him. She managed to fend him off but says that the experience has left her scarred.
True story: "I'm 38 years old & I have no savings
All Lavinia* wants is to get her financial act together. The communications director has next-to-nothing in her bank account and is tens of thousands of dollars in debt
True Story: "I love my hubby but we don’t have sex"
Gabriella*, 37, has been married for four years, but for the last two years she and her husband Anthony* have not been sexually intimate with each other. Yet she insists that she will not leave her husband
"That moment I realised I was not in love with her..."
It's hard to admit when you finally realise you're not in love with your partner anymore. You don't know when exactly it happens so we asked these men to determine when they decided to pull the plug
I had a sugar daddy for three years
He wined and dined me while we stayed in five-star hotels but didn't want a commitment – and I enjoyed every minute of it
TRUE STORY: "I met the man of my dreams through Reddit!"
Abigail Kang's husband-to-be, Trevor West*, was convinced that she was catfishing him. She shares their funny love story