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Singapore's New Women Trailblazers: Annabelle Kwok's giving AI a human face
Annabelle Kwok is a visionary with a heart. The 26-year-old founder and CEO of Neuralbay has developed artificial intelligence software but her aim is not to replace jobs but to make the tech more accessible. Read on to find out more about her passion project
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Sorry not sorry: Tips on how to stop apologising at work without coming off as rude
We all want to be liked, and the fear of being seen as a bitch could be a reason why women apologise more than men do. The "apologiser" thinks saying sorry will win them points, but it really just makes them look weak. So, how do you reverse this?
The women empowering other women in Singapore
Four enterprising women tell us how they are empowering other women, and how you can help too