singapore women

Helping people walk the last mile with dignity
Dr Angel Lee, 53, Dr Patricia Neo, 44, Dr Ong Wah Ying, 45, are palliative care doctors who want to start a conversation in society about end-of-life care at an earlier stage
Enacting change, one box at a time
Syafiqah Omar, 29, Azi Fuad, 27 & Sing-Suen Soon, 27, have a social enterprise with an unusual subscription box service
Finding purpose in tragedy
Leela Jesudason, 52, wants people to feel safe talking about mental illness
Giving troubled teens a voice
Crystal Goh, 32, encourages at-risk youth to express themselves through song-writing
Helping women protect themselves
Qin Yunquan, 29, wants every woman to feel confident and safe
Overcoming the odds to become a star
Siti Khalijah Zainal, 33, never gave up on her dreams of being in theatre